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The suggested minimum donation is $25 per person. Of course, you are welcome and encouraged to donate more! At the previous Alligator’s Hunt for Hope Adventures, the donations ranged from $25 to $10,000.  Children of all ages are welcome and encouraged to participate in the hunt.
If you are unable to join us for the Alligator’s Hunt for Hope Adventure this year, please help us by making a donation!  Click the donate button and enter the amount you would like to contribute.
What do I need to participate?
All you need is a team of two or more, however teams of four to six members are ideal. You only need a digital camera or camera phone and transportation to participate.  At the time of the hunt, participants will be given a list of items to find and tasks to complete.  Teams will have one and a half hours to find and complete as many tasks as possible.  Each is assigned a point value and the team with the most points wins.  Don’t worry, all the rules will be explained at the event.  It will not be necessary (or allowed) to go into, knock on the door, or request scavenger hunt items from private residences. Also, the event will be conducted rain or shine, sun or snow!  We are committed to stopping IBC in its tracks regardless of what mother nature throws our way.
What else can I do?
First, we hope that you will take a minute to navigate our website and read about the research to be funded, read the Alligator’s tale, go to the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Network Foundation website, or watch the video produced by the Morgan Welch Clinic for Inflammatory Breast Cancer.
Second, when you register be sure to fill out the participant or donor information form. There will be some t-shirts made for participants in the event. Please be sure to let us know when you register what size you would like so we can hope to have one available for you on February 24th.
Third, let other people know about our event! This event is open to the public. We encourage you to invite your friends.  You may know of others who have been touched by IBC. We welcome any and all participants and donations – the more people involved, the better!