My name is Carter, aka “Alligator” – a nickname I got at summer camp many years ago, and this is a synopsis of my IBC tale.


My story is one of Surprise, Hope and Thankfulness. I was absolutely surprised by my initial diagnosis of stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer in December of 2012.

I was hopeful for my outcome and then I was most thankful for my body’s miraculous response to my various forms of treatment.  I was surprised by the overwhelming and consistent support from everyone at MDACC, my family and friends.  I have been hopeful that my good response would continue and so very thankful every time I have received a stable report. I was utterly amazed when I celebrated my 100th infusion on October 11th of 2018 representing an infusion every three weeks since December of 2012.  Every day I thank God for my life.  These past years have given me time to focus on and appreciate God’s many blessings.

My hope is that the Morgan Welch Clinic will find even more ways to treat patients with IBC.  I pray that Jason Lee’s research project will be successful and will enable many others with IBC and other cancers to have better responses to treatments and longer lives.